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A new record is coming in the spring of 2018.
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Mack Starks Linebaugh III - Mack Starks for short - once sang, wrote songs and played guitar for a band called Farmer Not So John, which released two LPs in the late 1990s on Compass Records. The band toured a lot, made it onto the then-fledgling Americana charts and then split into pieces like an unstable vessel upon atmospheric reentry. Mack then recorded and released two solo albums — Elsewhere in 2003, with Farmer partner Richard McLaurin producing, and Blind Spot, produced by Neilson Hubbard in 2006. Shortly after the release of Blind Spot, life — as it can do — prompted an extended sabbatical from music. That hiatus is officially over. A new record is in the works, and Mack is playing shows again.